An archiving tool for Anomaly Jobs and phpBB3 on TinyMux 2.10
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Jobs Archive

An archiving tool for Anomaly Jobs and phpBB3 on TinyMux 2.10.

This can be used for general forum posting from within the MUX, but is targetted at permanent archival of completed jobs.

Originally produced for The Reach

Primary interfaces:

  • fn_post_new_topic
  • fn_post_reply
  • fn_simple_post_new_topic
  • fn_simple_post_reply
  • fn_post_job


Very little, currently, but feedback and patches are welcome. We have this working with:

  • Anomaly Jobs 6.4 + a lot of patches
  • phpBB 3.0.10
  • TinyMux + a few patches
  • MySQL 5.1.58-1-log

Source code is provided in the format of the general MUSH unformatter tools that we all use; attributes must be unwrapped before feeding into the MUX.


The idea of archiving AJ's completed jobs to a permanent forum was originally Loki's (Nuitari@DLAoM), and he completed working versions on DragonLance: Age of Mortals MUSH and Haunted Memories: Vienna by Night for AJ5 and SMF.

This project is an effort to provide similar functionality for newer software on a different mush-- and make it more portable and available to others.