Flags and supporting CSS for LGBT-themed fiair on reddit
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LGBT-Themed Flair for Reddit communities

This project contains 15 flags and the CSS necessary to implement them as flair for a subreddit, as we have done over at /r/ainbow.


Steps 1-2 will happen on this page: http://www.reddit.com/r/yoursubreddit/about/stylesheet

Steps 3-4 will happen on this page: http://www.reddit.com/r/yoursubreddit/about/flair/

  1. Under the "images" section, upload each of the PNG's in this folder. Reddit will suggest a name in the "new image name" box. Keep that name, or you'll have to change the CSS a bit.
  2. Paste the CSS from "flags.css" into the bottom of your stylesheet.
  3. Go to the flair page mentioned above, and click on the "Edit Flair Templates" tab. There are 16 CSS classes to enter by default; all will have an empty "flair text" box, and "user can edit?" unchecked. You can use any order, and that will be the order they appear in the sidebar flair picker. The class names are listed below.
  4. (optional) Check off the "allow users to assign their own flair" box atop the page if you want people to be able to select their own flags.

Congratulations, you're done!

CSS Class Names

These are the CSS classes you will add to the flair template page. For reference, this is /r/ainbow's order as of March 2012:

  • ainbow
  • trans
  • bi
  • ace
  • genderqueer
  • pan
  • ally
  • none
  • trans-ainbow
  • trans-pan
  • trans-bi
  • trans-ace
  • genderqueer-ainbow
  • genderqueer-pan
  • genderqueer-bi
  • genderqueer-ace


"None" at position 8 looks good, as it puts all the blended flags into a second column. The CSS class names are invisible to the end user.

Also, our implementation is lazy and doesn't support text + flags, it's just one or the other. As such, enabling "user can edit?" is discouraged.

Blended flags were designed by reddit user WTFcannuck; thanks so much!

If you have any questions or issues, message joeycastillo on reddit.