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Secret IMAGination

Category: Reverse

Points: 995


Here's a minimal system image. Evil kackers know a way to IMAGine secrets, so your task is to bring them to the real world.

You may need to surround flag with kks{}




We have got image of filesystem. First of all, we try to run it in VirtualBox. After start the image demands password. Enter something string:


We received:

Wrong password!

Then, we should to unpack image to understand the logic of application. For example, on Debian:

$ 7z x mlinux.iso

And we received:


We are interested in kernel.gz and rootfs.gz. Unpack them:

  • kernel.gz use binwalk: $ binwalk --extract kernel.gz

The result will be one file 43B1 - ELF 64-bit, statically linked, stripped.

  • rootfs.gz is simple: $ gunzip rootfs.gz. The outcome file rootfs - ASCII cpio archive (SVR4 with no CRC). To get init we again make use of binwalk:

$ binwalk --extract rootfs. And got:


After reading init we see /bin/task.

Let`s begin reverse task - ELF 64-bit, statically linked, not stripped.


In main function we can see, that program get from stdin 20 symbols and open file descriptor /pass to write our string, which we input. Then syscall is called.


As you can see, program calls custom syscall with id 1337.

Then we should reverse 43B1 . In task is called path /pass. Try to find it in 43B1. After call kernel_path proceed to the next call function. We see string md5, suppose, that function generate md5 from our input string. The next function is called with 3 parameters:

  • edx - 16;
  • rsi - md5 from our input string;
  • rdi - string, which is located in .rodata;

Reverse this function, we have found out, that it has compared two strings.


Therefore, string, which is located in .rodata - md5 from true password.


Take advantage of to decode hash. We got diviz_)(159$=*@. Try to enter this string - you receive flag.

flag: kks{Y0u_d0n7_n33D_70_p47ch_k3rn3l_by_y0r53lf}

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