Using docker for local development and build automation of a Node.js app
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Docker Express Boilerplate Build Status

To build and run the app, you will only need the Docker CLI.

Project structure

 ├ db
 ├ src
    ├ models
    ├ controllers
    └ utils
 ├ test
    ├ models
    ├ controllers
    └ utils
 ├ server.js
 └ ...(other files for project build)
  • db - contains the scripts needed for setting up the database
  • src - main project library
  • test - all test files following the structure of src

Running the app

Installation and build

$ docker-compose build

This creates an image for the app and MongoDB database

Starting the app

$ docker-compose up

Restart the app after making changes

  • Use docker-compose down to stop the containers and docker-compose up to start the containers. There is no need to build the images again as local directories are mounted using volumes.
  • If package dependencies change, run make build again. This rebuilds the app image only and not the database. If you need to rebuild both app and database, use docker-compose build.


To setup the database, the schema and sample files live in the db folder. gets ran when the database is first set up.



$ make test

Runs tests with the file pattern test/**/*.test.js


$ make test-integration
  • Runs tests with the file pattern test/**/*.integration.js
  • In this project, the integration test runs a database check on models/Sample.js
  • The docker-compose.yml file in the test folder is used in this case

App Environment Configuration

Use environment-specific configuration by importing config.js. The default config is 'development'. All tests use the 'test' environment.

Build pipeline

The project uses Travis CI. It has stages for unit tests and integration tests. Check .travis.yml for the config.

In progress

  • Preparing the app for deployment
  • Database credentials
  • Easier way to add fixtures for integration test?
  • Pruning old volumes, and dangling images