Bub: a tool for claiming heroku boxes
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Bub: a tool for claiming heroku boxes.

Problem: You have several heroku projects that you use as staging/testing servers, and several engineers that use them as-needed. Each engineer needs to know whether any given box is in use (so they don't accidentally clobber someone else's changes).

Solution: Bub. Hook it up to your slack channel and use it to track who's using what server.


  1. Clone this repo
  2. Open lib/bub_bot.rb and:
    • modify the APPS constant to be the short names of your servers (eg staging-1 )
    • modify the APP_PREFIX constant to be whatever you prefix your shortnames with to get your actual heroku project names (eg "initech-" if your server is called initech-staging-1)
  3. Push to heroku
  4. Set up your config variables (heroku config:set FOO=bar)
    • SLACK_TOKEN=AbCdEf123456
    • SLACK_URL="https://hooks.slack.com/services/ABC123/DEF456/gHiJk789
    • HEROKU_API_KEY=321dd6dd-1f48-4ca6-9b31-7f5bc8a129f3

Note that this thing uses file storage right now, which means that the 'claims' data gets wiped every time you deploy or restart.


bub info – list all known staging boxes, along with who has them claimed and when that box has last visited (according to the server logs). Aka status

bub take sassy 3 hours - claim the staging box named joyable-sassy for the next 3 hours. If you omit the time period, bub will assume you want the box for 1 hour. Aka claim

bub release sassy - releases your claim on joyable-sassy. Omit the box name to release your claim on any box currently claimed by you. Aka give

bub deploy production - reserves a deploy lock for deploying to production. Will automatically expire after 5 minutes or a deploy has completed.

bub help - prints usage text

bub test foo repeats whatever you entered (eg foo)


  1. Set up the integrations. You'll need:

    I recommend setting the incoming and outgoing webhooks to use a test channel so you don't spam a normal channel during development.

  2. After cloning the repo, run rackup with the correct environment vars locally:

      SLACK_TOKEN=AbCdEf123456 SLACK_URL="https://hooks.slack.com/services/ABC123/DEF456/gHiJk789 HEROKU_API_KEY=321dd6dd-1f48-4ca6-9b31-7f5bc8a129f3 rackup
  3. You should be all set. Type bub test hello and see if bub echos it back to you.


  • Display time of last deploy for status command
  • Allow "silly" commands, accessible from a secondary channel (eg #random)
  • Allow reversible commands (eg bub sassy release in addition to bub release sassy)
  • Send user error messages via PM (eg if you call release without any claimed boxes)
  • Add a tech support slack handle (ie me) to the help command output


MIT (see LICENSE file)