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A frontend development bootstrap setup
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Just a simple bootstrap template for frontend dev. I found myself using this sort of setup for a few different little js/html5 experiments and side-projects, so I'm putting it into a repo. I hope to someday make it a bit more robust, add some documentation, and see if the world at large is interested in it too.


  • Compile your whole multi-file frontend site to a single html file (useful for throwing demos up on s3)
  • Support for scss and coffeescript. Haml is mandatory.
  • Auto-reload everything


Getting setup for local development:

git clone
cd canton
bundle install
open 'http://localhost:9292'

Compiling to a single static file:

rake compile\[index.haml\]

File structure

public/js and public/css

Files in here will be accessible from /js and /css. If you want coffeescript, just create public/js/ and create a script tag like <script type='text/javascript' src='js/whatever.js'> in your html. Same for scss to css.


This is your haml file from which everything else is linked.


The output file when you run rake compile


I use my liquor cabinet for small project names. If package this up for real use, I'll probably rename it. This is named after Domaine de Canton, a French ginger liqueur my housemate is fond of.


  • Document better
  • Make haml optional
  • Make a config file (canton.yaml or something) to specify stuff like the out-file name, some path variables, and the index.haml location so we don't have do the ugle rake argument passing.
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