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provide etags for static contents in nginx
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Nginx Static Etags

Nginx doesn't generate etags for static content. I think it should. If I can remember enough C from college to make it work as a module, I will.


Download the module however you like. I'd recommend pulling it down with Git by simply cloning this repository:

mkdir ~/src
cd    ~/src
git clone ./nginx-static-stags

To use the module, you'll have to compile it into Nginx. So, download the Nginx source, configure it with the module path, and compile:

mkdir ~/src
cd ~/src
curl -O
tar -zxvf ./nginx-0.6.32.tar.gz
cd ./nginx-0.6.32
./configure --add-module=/~src/nginx-static-etags
sudo make install

And you're done!


Add etags to the relevant location blocks in your nginx.conf file:

location / {
    etags on;
    etag_hash on|off;
    etag_hash_method md5|sha1;

It's currently an on/off toggle. The plan is to bring it to feature parity with the Apache configuration option. It's really not there yet.

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