Sublime Text 3 plugin which executes given commands on file save
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Sublime Text 3 plugin which executes given commands on file save

The Sublime Text 2 version of this plugin is available at ST2-CommandOnSave


The easiest way to install this plugin is via Sublime Package Control by adding an extra repository.

An other way is by cloning this repository into the package folder of Sublime


This plugin reads commands from the settings file. The commands settings-key is an associative array of paths and their commands. Everytime a file is saved, all commands for every matched path-key is executed.

The path of the file that is being save can get injected into your command with the _file_ placeholder.

If your command updates the content of the save file, the file will be reloaded in Sublime afterwards (thanks to @evanj).

For more info, see the examples


  "commands": {
    // example 1: project is in folder /Users/klaascuvelier/Projects/example/
    // rsync files to other server on save
    "/Users/klaascuvelier/Projects/example/": [
        "rsync -avz /Users/klaascuvelier/Projects/example/ server@server:/home/server/projects/example/ &"

    // example 2:
    // just run a bash script on save (you can put much more commands in there)
    "/Users/klaascuvelier/Projects/example2/": [
        "/Users/klaascuvelier/Projects/example2/ &"

    // example 3:
    // everytime a file is saved, add, commit and push it to git
    "/Users/klaascuvelier/Projects/Sublime3/SublimeCommandOnSave/": [
        "git add -u",
        "git commit",
        "git push"