A tool for developers in 3dsMax to build their projects quickly and repeatedly to mzp-files
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MZP builder

creates maxscript mzp-files from a list of specified files. An mzp-file is a zip-file which behaves like an installer in 3dsMax.

The ini-file describes the data needed to create the mzp-file. Also check out the article on my blog


Fill in the filepaths in the ini-file along with the other information specified below.

Specifiy the filepath in the mzpBuilder scriptfile

Execute the scriptfile


Expected structure:
        installMessage=... a message which is displayed in a readme-file. This should reduce paranoia when installing an mzp from someone you don't know.
        license=..the license for the script
        support=... contact information for support
        contact=... general contact information 
    [Header] this information is not critical but helps to identify your stuff later on
        version=... (integer)
        sourcerootpath=... the common root of all files which need to be packaged
        buildfilename=... the filename of the resulting build
        buildfilepath=... the filepath of the resulting build
    [Source] source and destination need to have the same amount of entries. Source[1] corresponds with Destination[1] and so on
        1=filename with extension. Path relative to the sourcerootpath entered above
        1=filepath ending with a backslash. This is a path on the machine of the user who executes the mzp
    [DropIndices]zero or more indices. Each index matches a source-file. These indexed files are also setup to run in the mzp-file after dropping it into a viewport
    [RunIndices]zero or more indices. Each index matches a source-file. These indexed files are also setup to run in the mzp-file. These are run in order
        encryptscripts=boolean encrypts all scripts if set to true. Make sure the script itself is prepared for this
        theArray=#() an array of indices. Indexed files will be encrypted. Only ms-files are supported for encryption.