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This is xeno-canto-country-collector


To collect selected multi-country collections of MP3s from xeno-canto and provide as one downloadable zip - good for the phone on a trip.

This code is hosted under


  1. I've used iGoTerra to generate the country checklists, these lists are then parsed by the code in xeno:generate_country_checklists/0

  2. Using these checklists, I've then run xeno:dl_xeno/1 to download all calls according to the rules from xeno-canto

  3. Once the calls are in place, and the generated checklists.bin we can run the whole thing under Yaws.

  4. mochiweb and ebrowse (from github) are used to generate the calls and the checklists.bin files

  5. The checklists.bin file, as well as the calls directory must reside under $DOCROOT/xeno These files/dirs are separately generated (see 1-4 above)

And for the virt server that hosts this, ensure dir_listing is turned on, e.g

port = 8000 listen = docroot = /Users/klacke/yaws/_inst/var/yaws/www auth_log = true dir_listings = true