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out(A) ->
Peer = A#arg.client_ip_port,
Req = A#arg.req,
H = yaws_api:reformat_header(A#arg.headers),
[{h5,[], "The headers passed to us were:"},
{ol, [],lists:map(fun(S) -> {li,[], {p,[],S}} end,H)},
{h5, [], "The request"},
[{li,[], f("method: ~s", [Req#http_request.method])},
{li,[], f("path: ~p", [Req#http_request.path])},
{li,[], f("version: ~p", [Req#http_request.version])}]},
{h5, [], "Other items"},
[{li, [], f("Peer: ~p", [Peer])},
{li,[], f("docroot: ~s", [A#arg.docroot])},
{li,[], f("fullpath: ~s", [A#arg.fullpath])}]},
{h5, [], "Parsed query data"},
{pre,[], f("~p", [yaws_api:parse_query(A)])},
{h5,[], "Parsed POST data "},
{pre,[], f("~p", [yaws_api:parse_post(A)])}]}.
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