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%%% File : utils.erl
%%% Author : Mickael Remond <>
%%% Description : Various general purpose helper functions
%%% Created : 22 Oct 2003 by Mickael Remond
%%% <>
-export([fold_files/3, fold_files/5]).
%% Time (as return by calendar:local_time() to string conversion.
time_to_string( {{Y,Mo,D},{H,Mi,S}} ) ->
String = io_lib:format( "~4.4w-~2.2.0w-~2.2.0w ~2.2.0w:~2.2.0w:~2.2.0w",
[Y,Mo,D,H,Mi,S] ),
%% Fold_files is a rewrite by Chris Pressey of the broken
%% implementation in Erlang R9C
%% @spec fold_files(dir(), fun(), term()) -> term()
%% @doc Folds the function Fun(F, IsDir, Acc) -> {Recurse, Acc1} over
%% all files F in Dir that match the regular expression RegExp.
%% If Recurse is true all sub-directories of F are processed.
%% (This function is a modified version of that from filelib.erl)
fold_files(Dir, Fun, Acc) ->
case file:list_dir(Dir) of
{ok, Files} ->
fold_files0(Files, Dir, Fun, Acc);
{error, _} ->
fold_files0([File | Tail], Dir, Fun, Acc) ->
FullName = filename:join([Dir, File]),
IsDir = filelib:is_dir(FullName),
{Recurse, NewAcc} = Fun(FullName, IsDir, Acc),
fold_files0(FullName, Tail, Dir, Fun, IsDir, Recurse, NewAcc);
fold_files0([], _Dir, _Fun, Acc) ->
fold_files0(FullName, Tail, Dir, Fun, true, true, Acc) ->
NewAcc = fold_files(FullName, Fun, Acc),
fold_files0(Tail, Dir, Fun, NewAcc);
fold_files0(_FullName, Tail, Dir, Fun, _, _, Acc) ->
fold_files0(Tail, Dir, Fun, Acc).
%% @spec fold_files(dir(), regexp(), bool(), fun(), term()) -> term()
%% Wrapper for the original fold_files/5 behaviour.
fold_files(Dir, RegExp, Recursive, Fun, InitialAcc) ->
{ok, CompiledRegExp} = re:compile(RegExp),
Wrapper = fun
(FullName, false, Acc) ->
NewAcc = case re:run(FullName, CompiledRegExp) of
{match, _} ->
Fun(FullName, Acc);
_ ->
{Recursive, NewAcc};
(_, true, Acc) ->
{Recursive, Acc}
fold_files(Dir, Wrapper, InitialAcc).
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