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%%% File : yaws_sse.erl
%%% Author : Steve Vinoski <>
%%% Purpose : Support for Server-Sent Events
%%% Created : 31 May 2012 by Steve Vinoski <>
event/0, event/1,
data/0, data/1, data/2,
id/0, id/1,
retry/0, retry/1,
send_events/2, send_events/3
headers(StreamPid) ->
[{status, 200},
{header, {"Cache-Control", "no-cache"}},
{header, {connection, "close"}},
{header, {transfer_encoding, erase}},
{streamcontent_from_pid, "text/event-stream", StreamPid}].
event() ->
event(EventName) ->
[<<"event:">>, EventName, <<"\n">>].
data() ->
data(Data) ->
[<<"data:">>, Data, <<"\n">>].
%% The version below trims out all embedded newlines. If you send data
%% containing newlines using the version above, your events will be
%% misinterpreted at the client. If the result of trimming includes
%% any empty strings or binaries, they are dropped and not sent.
data(Data0, [trim]) ->
Bin = iolist_to_binary(Data0),
Tokens = case catch binary:split(Bin, <<"\n">>, [global, trim]) of
{'EXIT', {undef, [{binary,split,__}|_]}} ->
%% handle older releases of Erlang
Lst = binary_to_list(Bin),
[Tok || Tok <- string:tokens(Lst, "\n")];
Bins ->
[B || B <- Bins, B /= <<>>]
[data(Data) || Data <- Tokens].
id() ->
id(Id) when is_integer(Id) ->
[<<"id:">>, integer_to_list(Id), <<"\n">>];
id(Id) ->
[<<"id:">>, Id, <<"\n">>].
retry() ->
retry(ReconnectionTime) ->
[<<"retry:">>, integer_to_list(ReconnectionTime), <<"\n">>].
comment(Comment) ->
[<<":">>, Comment, <<"\n">>].
send_events(Socket, Events) ->
send_events(Socket, Events, fun yaws_api:stream_process_deliver/2).
send_events(Socket, Events, SendFun) ->
SendFun(Socket, [Events, <<"\n">>]).
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