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This is yaws, a webserver for dynamic content written in Erlang.
To build and install
1. Get and install an erlang system (
2. ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
3. make
This will build the system
make local_install
and perform something we call a
local install. It will create an executable script in the bin directory
and a config file in $HOME/yaws.conf
4. Start as bin/yaws -i
This will create a webserver at
5. as root make install
6. as root Start as /usr/local/bin/yaws -i
(this starts an interactive system)
7. This will create a webserver at
8. as root Edit /etc/yaws.conf
9. Create content in /var/yaws
10.Start as /usr/local/bin/yaws -D -heart
This will start a daemon (-D) which will be autorestarted when/if
it crashes or hangs (-heart)
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