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#!/usr/bin/env escript
%%! -noshell -noinput
%% -*- mode: erlang;erlang-indent-level: 4;indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
%% ex: ft=erlang ts=4 sw=4 et
-define(TIMEOUT, 60000).
-define(INFO(Fmt,Args), io:format(Fmt,Args)).
main([NodeName, Cookie, ReleasePackage]) ->
TargetNode = start_distribution(NodeName, Cookie),
{ok, Vsn} = rpc:call(TargetNode, release_handler, unpack_release,
[ReleasePackage], ?TIMEOUT),
?INFO("Unpacked Release ~p~n", [Vsn]),
{ok, OtherVsn, Desc} = rpc:call(TargetNode, release_handler,
check_install_release, [Vsn], ?TIMEOUT),
{ok, OtherVsn, Desc} = rpc:call(TargetNode, release_handler,
install_release, [Vsn], ?TIMEOUT),
?INFO("Installed Release ~p~n", [Vsn]),
ok = rpc:call(TargetNode, release_handler, make_permanent, [Vsn], ?TIMEOUT),
?INFO("Made Release ~p Permanent~n", [Vsn]);
main(_) ->
start_distribution(NodeName, Cookie) ->
MyNode = make_script_node(NodeName),
{ok, _Pid} = net_kernel:start([MyNode, shortnames]),
erlang:set_cookie(node(), list_to_atom(Cookie)),
TargetNode = make_target_node(NodeName),
case {net_kernel:hidden_connect_node(TargetNode),
net_adm:ping(TargetNode)} of
{true, pong} ->
{_, pang} ->
io:format("Node ~p not responding to pings.\n", [TargetNode]),
make_target_node(Node) ->
[_, Host] = string:tokens(atom_to_list(node()), "@"),
list_to_atom(lists:concat([Node, "@", Host])).
make_script_node(Node) ->
list_to_atom(lists:concat([Node, "_upgrader_", os:getpid()])).
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