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To cross-compile Yaws for windows, we need to install mingw32 compiler then run
the configure script with --host option:
$> ./configure --host i586-mingw32msvc && make
To create an installer, we need a copy of the install-builder. Since yaws is an
open source project. We have a free license of bitrock installer. Download the
bitrock installer and install it somewhere
(, Then run:
$> make mkinstaller INSTALL_BUILDER=/path/to/installbuilder
By default INSTALL_BUILDER variable points on '${HOME}/installbuilder-5.4.14'.
Here, 'mkinstaller' target will use a distribution directory to build Yaws
installer, so you don't need to run configure script with --host option. This
will produce the installer 'Yaws-{VSN}-windows-installer.exe'
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