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out(A) -> yaws_api:ssi(A#arg.docroot, ["/HEAD", "/EXHEAD"]).
<h1>Yaws Examples</h1>
Here we try to show the power of yaws by means of a series of examples.
Many of the pages inside this documentation, use embedded erlang code
merely as a means to include files into the HTML documentation. Yaws can
be used to do much more which is shown by the examples.
It can be used to generate any dynamic content,
and also, combining Yaws with
the Erlang DBMS Mnesia, we can easily connect persistent data to a Cookie.
In all of the examples we will utilize the yaws api functions defined in the
module <tt>yaws_api</tt>. The documentation for the API module is
<a href="/api.yaws">here</a>.
out(A) -> yaws_api:ssi(A#arg.docroot, ["/END"]).