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<title>Testing html-json library</title>
<script src="jsolait/jsolait.js"></script>
var serviceURL = "json_sample.yaws";
var methods = [ "test1" ];
var jsonrpc = imprt("jsonrpc");
var service = new jsonrpc.ServiceProxy(serviceURL, methods);
function test() {
try {
foo = document.getElementById('foo').value;
bar = document.getElementById('bar').value;
document.getElementById('result').innerHTML =
"<PRE>" + service.test1(foo, bar) + "</PRE>";
} catch(e) {
return false;
<form action="" method="post" onSubmit="return test()">
<div id="result">
First Argument: <input id="foo" />
Second Argument: <input id="bar"/>
<input type="submit" value="Do JSON-RPC call"/>
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