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Follow structure of EHTML as stated in manual

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commit 00aa12d98a85c6d721e75c076651e88fa6335f03 1 parent e662e51
@imtal imtal authored vinoski committed
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  1. +2 −2 src/yaws_exhtml.erl
4 src/yaws_exhtml.erl
@@ -74,8 +74,8 @@ format(Mode, [{'$html', HTML}|Rest], Value2StringF, N, Indent) ->
[HTML|format(Mode, Rest, Value2StringF, N, Indent)];
format(Mode, [{Tag}|Rest], Value2StringF, N, Indent) ->
format(Mode, [{Tag, [], []}|Rest], Value2StringF, N, Indent);
-format(Mode, [{Tag, Body}|Rest], Value2StringF, N, Indent) ->
- format(Mode, [{Tag, [], Body}|Rest], Value2StringF, N, Indent);
+format(Mode, [{Tag, Attrs}|Rest], Value2StringF, N, Indent) ->
+ format(Mode, [{Tag, Attrs, []}|Rest], Value2StringF, N, Indent);
format(Mode, [{Tag, Attrs, Body}|Rest], Value2StringF, N, Indent) ->
TagString = lowercase(tag_string(Tag)),
case {Mode, block_level(TagString), Body} of
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