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prepare for 1.98

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+Mon Nov 4 19:22:42 CET 2013 Yaws 1.98
+Bad HTTP 3.0 message sent to yaws, crashed the server entirely. Note this is crucial for yaws servers deployed on internet. (klacke)
+Use Yaws linked-in driver by default to send large file (capflam)
+Rebar work (Steve, Joseph Wayne Norton)
Wed Oct 16 05:40:25 CEST 2013 Yaws 1.97
Webdav work, all webdav is now an appmod (tjeerd)
New serveralias directive. Now it is possible to set alternate names for a virtual host. A server alias may contain wildcards. Inside a server definition wecan now have e.g serveralias = * *.server? (capflam)

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