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@@ -738,11 +738,11 @@ \subsection{Queries}
In \Erlang\ terminology, the call \verb+yaws_api:parse_query(Arg)+ returns
the list:
-[{kalle, "duck"}, {goofy, "unknown"}]
+[{"kalle", "duck"}, {"goofy", "unknown"}]
-Note that the first element is transformed into an atom, whereas the
-value is still a string. Hence, a web page can contain URLs with a
+Both the key and the value are strings.
+Hence, a web page can contain URLs with a
query and thus pass data to the web server. This scheme works both
with \verb+GET+ and \verb+POST+ requests. It is the easiest way to
pass data to the Web server since no form is required in the web page.
@@ -791,7 +791,7 @@ \subsection{Forms}
The user will see the output
-[{xyz, "Hello there"}]
+[{"xyz", "Hello there"}]
The differences between using the query part of the URL

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