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To run all tests, do
+# make all
# make test
at the toplevel, i.e. here
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+Tue Aug 2 15:16:53 CEST 2011 Yaws 1.91
+Minor release, with mostly small bugfixes, many tests added.
+Added support to generate and check strict xhtml output (klacke)
+Added possibility to turn off yaws log wrapping. This is useful for applications that embedd yaws and do not want that functionality at all (klacke)
+fix reverse proxy problem (issue #60) (Steve)
+let configure handle erlang built from git clone (Steve)
+Float fixes for json2.erl and json.erl (Nico Kruber)
+Support for halfword emulator (Steve)
+Several new testcases added by Christopher Faulet
+Fixes to the capflam patchset by Christopher Faulet
Tue May 24 21:25:00 CEST 2011 Yaws 1.90
Highlights in this release are the capflam patchset, a really long list of general improvements by Jean-Sebastien Pedron and Christopher Faulet. Also rebar support has been added by Steve and Tuncer. Finally, Steve has added JSON 2.0 support. Thus this is a major release. Lot's of new little features and also lot's of bug fixes.
always store a tuple in #headers.authorization (Jean-Sebastien Pedron)

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