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Updated to reflect the yaws:start_embedded/N functions.

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+ <h2>The quick and easy way to get in the air</h2>
+ <p>The following two functions yaws:start_embedded/1 and
+ yaws:start_embedded/4 will start Yaws in embedded mode
+ and provide the minimal information that Yaws requires.</p>
+ <p>NB: With this method you don't need to specify any -yaws switches
+ to your (system) start script.</p>
+ <p>The only thing that you really need to specify is the "DocRoot", i.e
+ the directory path to where your .html and .yaws files lives.
+ You will then get default values for your server name ("localhost"),
+ listen port (8888) and the IP address you will listen to ({0,0,0,}
+ which means all IP addresses on your machine).</p>
+ <p>By using yaws:start_embedded/4 you can set some other values
+ than the default ones. See the example below:</p>
+<div class="box">
+ <pre>
+%% Check with inet:i(). that you are listening to port 8888!
+1> yaws:start_embedded("/home/tobbe/docroot").
+%% Alternative way
+1> yaws:start_embedded("/home/tobbe/docroot", "sej", 8080, {192,168,128,42}).
+ </pre>
+ <p>If you need more control on how to setup Yaws in embedded mode,
+ then read on.</p>
<h2> A very small actual example </h2>
<p>We provide a minimal example which "embeds" yaws in
a normal Erlang shell.

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