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@@ -190,10 +190,14 @@ part of the URL. This only works with GET requests.
This function will parse the POST data as supplied from the browser.
It will return a {Key, Value} list of the items set by the browser.
If the browser has set the Content-Type header to the value
"multipart/form-data", which is the case when the browser
wants to upload a file to the server the following happens:
@@ -220,7 +224,7 @@ Example usage could be:
out(A) ->
- case yaws_api:parse_post_data(A) of
+ case yaws_api:parse_multipart_post(A) of
{cont, Cont, Res} ->
St = handle_res(A, Res),
{get_more, Cont, St};

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