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Adding files for Erlware. A very rough packaging of 1.76 has been rel…

…eased at See the doc/overview.edoc for more details.

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7 _build.cfg
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+project : {
+ name : yaws
+ vsn : "1.76"
+repositories : [""],
21 doc/overview.edoc
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+@title Yaws -An Erlang Web Server
+This is a very rough import of Yaws into Erlware.
+In particular <i>-disable-pam</i> was used to create
+the configure script. It is uncertain what the effects
+of this are. Also some modules was not included in the file and may therefore not be compiled.
+They were: <code>ymnesia, yaws_showarg, yaws_vdir, yaws_content_negotiation</code>
+It is unclear if they were intentionally left out or not.
+Finally some files, that normally is generated at build time
+was included <i>already generated</i>.
+They were: <code>mime_types.erl, yaws_generated.erl</code>.
+@author Torbjorn Tornkvist
+@copyright 2008 Torbjorn Tornkvist

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