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Augment yaws man page with --erlarg argument quoting info

If a multi-word argument is passed to --erlarg, it must be quoted in
the calling shell so that yaws sees it as a single argument. Add
details to the man page about this, and also show an example of how
single quotes within such a multi-word argument must receive extra
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vinoski committed May 11, 2010
1 parent 17be957 commit fd5e602422cf8876bed72790144b0685f51ac352
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@@ -110,8 +110,17 @@ when we want to run erlang distribution over SSL.
\fB\--erlarg STRING\fR
-Pass STRING as an additional argument to the "erl" program.
+Pass STRING as an additional argument to the "erl" program. If STRING
+comprises multiple words, you must quote it so that your shell passes
+it to yaws as a single argument. If STRING contains any single quote
+characters, you must quote each of them as well. For example, to pass
+the option \fI-env NAME O'Keeffe\fR to "erl" from a Bourne-compatible
+--erlarg "-env NAME O\\'Keeffe"
\fB\--id ID\fR

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