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Commits on Feb 24, 2016
  1. @vinoski

    Fix ybed embedded supervision example

    vinoski committed Feb 24, 2016
    Modify the code for the ybed supervision example to link the ybed
    child to its supervisor, specify the temporary restart strategy for
    that child, and have the child exit normally after it starts the
    necessary Yaws children in its supervisor. We use temporary rather
    than permanent because the child needs to run only once, whenever the
    supervisor starts.
    Thanks to Lyn Headley for tracking down these issues and suggesting
    the fixes described here.
Commits on Apr 12, 2010
  1. @vinoski

    improved embedded support

    vinoski committed Apr 9, 2010
    Add yaws_api:embedded_start_conf functions that take the same
    arguments as yaws:start_embedded but instead of starting the yaws
    application, return the gconf, sconf, and supervisor child specs
    corresponding to the supplied arguments. When the application doing
    the embedding is ready to start yaws, it can use the child specs to
    start yaws under its own supervisors, and can then pass the gconf and
    sconf to yaws_api:setconf to configure yaws. This approach gives the
    application more control over how yaws is started and supervised.
    Reimplement yaws:start_embedded in terms of the new
    yaws_api:embedded_start_conf, maintaining backward compatibility.
    Change www/embed.yaws and its example ybed code to describe the new
    yaws_api:embedded_start_conf functions.
    Updated web documentation and the yaws.tex file.
Commits on Sep 1, 2008
  1. bad call to yaws_config:make_default_gconf/2

    committed Sep 1, 2008
    git-svn-id: 9fbdc01b-0d2c-0410-bfb7-fb27d70d8b52
Commits on Feb 14, 2008
  1. untabified all of yaws

    committed Feb 14, 2008
    git-svn-id: 9fbdc01b-0d2c-0410-bfb7-fb27d70d8b52
Commits on May 12, 2004
  1. *** empty log message ***

    committed May 12, 2004
    git-svn-id: 9fbdc01b-0d2c-0410-bfb7-fb27d70d8b52
Commits on Nov 24, 2003
  1. ""

    committed Nov 24, 2003
    git-svn-id: 9fbdc01b-0d2c-0410-bfb7-fb27d70d8b52
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