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Let advanced websocket module handle trapped exit messages #137

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My use case:

  • client connects via websockets
  • callback module in 'advanced' mode is returned from out/1 function
  • callback module spawns some process
  • when spawned process exits abnormally whole gen_server process is terminated, client is disconnected, callback module is not called at all

How it should work:

  • client connects
  • callback's
handle_message(open, _)

is called (so it is related to #99 issue)

  • module can optionally set trap_exit flag to true in open callback
  • when linked process terminates handle_message({info,{'EXIT',FromPid,Reason}}, _) of callback module is called

Such feature gives more control over child processes and enables better error handling.


Any chance you could supply some code to serve as a test case for this?



I'm working on the websockets refactoring. With this new version, it will be possible to catch exit messages from linked processes. I almost finished my work on it, but for now, you could find some details by reading the comments of the issue #99 and the commit logs of the websockets branch.


Thanks! I see this 167fdb8 commit resolves my issue. So I'm waiting for HEAD merge and new release.
Little OT question: maybe is it good idea to define behaviour for websockets callback module, what is your opinion?

Very quick example

Callback module


        {websocket, ?MODULE, [{callback, {advanced, []}}]}.

handle_message(#ws_frame_info{}, _) ->
    io:format("Got frame, spawning buggy process~n"),
    {noreply, []};

handle_message(Message, _) ->
    io:format("Got some non-frame message ~p ~n",[Message]),
        %%Here I would like to receive trapped exits, but from commit log is see that there 
        %%will be dedicated handle_info/2 function in callback module
    {noreply, []}.

Spawned process

-export([init/1, handle_info/2, terminate/2,start_link/0]).

start_link() ->
    gen_server:start(?MODULE, [], []).
init([]) ->
    io:format("Buggy process will crash in 3 sec.~n"),
    {ok, [], 3000}.

handle_info(timeout, _) ->
   {stop,no_normal_exit, []}.

terminate(Reson,_) ->
    io:format("Terminating buggy proc, reason = ~p~n", [Reson]).

Thanks. It's always helpful to have test cases we can add to our regression test suite.

Regarding the idea of a websockets callback behaviour, I considered that in the past and I think it might be a good idea.


The changes about WebSockets were pushed in the master branch. Feel free to test it. the release 1.96 is on the way.

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