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This is a very basic WebMail application which is completely stateless, by
design. I didn't want any SQL databases etc for storing the emails.

The reason for building it was that I needed a local WebMail and I didn't want
to install an Apache with python or PHP, and besides all those relied on some
local store (mbox, MySQL etc) which I didn't want. Also, Klacke told me that he
never finished the other webmail app so I started from scratch.

A few important things are still missing. The most notable is the ability to
handle attached files and email on multipart format...

To install

- Yaws should be installed

- Run 'make install'

- Edit $(etcdir)/mail/yaws-webmail.conf

Two things need to be edited in /etc/yaws.conf

1. Yaws must find the beam code for mail.beam.  This path must be added to
   /etc/yaws conf as in:

   ebin_dir = $(vardir)/yaws/mail/ebin

2. The virtual server that is supposed to run the webmail must have an appmod
   called 'attachment' installed.

   Here is an example:

   <server flinta>
         port = 80
         appmods = attachment
         listen =
         docroot =  $(vardir)/yaws/mail/www

/Johan Bevemyr
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