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This Wiki was originally based on Joe Armstrongs wiki implementation.
It has been ported to yaws and hacked quite a bit in general by Johan

To Install

- Yaws should be installed

- Run 'make install'

- Edit your /etc/yaws.conf and include $(vardir)/yaws/wiki/ebin in the
ebin path:

    ebin_dir = $(vardir)/yaws/wiki/ebin

It is possible to have several Wiki instances on the same server.
Just install the www/* files in the directory where you want a
Wiki instance. This is easily done by running the updateWiki script
and give a new directory as argument.

To edit the wiki preferences go to the wiki page WikiPreferences
(for example by clicking on the "All Pages" or "Zombies" icon)
and replace the gifs with our own favorites.

The password to the WikiPreferences page is ForgetMe.

Getting started
WIKIINSTALLDIR is where the wiki is located.  It must be part of your
docroot.  After installation, browse to the wiki directory. You will be
asked to create a 'home' page, which will be the first wiki page. To find out
about the special wiki formatting rules, go to WikiFormattingRules (e.g.
from "All Pages"). To create a new page, just create a link to it by clicking
EditMe on the home page (use the ~ character:  "my new page ~TestPage"), and
save the home page. The new link will show up as: "my new page TestPage???".
The question marks means that the node TestPage doens't exist. Click on the
question marks to create the the page.

Look and feel

The layout of the Wiki pages is to a large extent controlled by
two templates in WikiPreferences.files called template.html
and template_info.html. There is an alternative look and feel
bundled, just copy template2.html to template.html and
template_info2.html  to template_info.html.

To maintain

There are a number of useful scripts in the script directory.

updateWiki    - takes a number of wiki directories and updates
		the .yaws files etc

getPassword   - takes a path to a wob file as argument. Will print
		the password associated with that node.

importFiles   - takes a path to a wob file as argument. Will add
		any files in the corresponding .files directory
		to the page. Useful when you want to import many
		files without going through the WEB GUI. Just
		copy the files to the .files directory and run
		the importFiles command.