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Octocat-spinner-32 README
Modify yaws.conf as:
%% add path to yapp and yapp example - modify to your own installation directory
ebin_dir = /home/mikael/local/yaws/applications/yapp/ebin
ebin_dir = /home/mikael/local/src/yaws/applications/yapp/examples/yapp_ex_1/ebin

%% add yapp runmod
runmod = yapp

%% add to first <server ...>
         arg_rewrite_mod = yapp
             yapp_server_id = external

%% add to second <server ..>, that is to <server localhost>
%% note you will only be able to access the yapp admin interface from http://localhost[:port]/yapp/
         arg_rewrite_mod = yapp
             yapp_server_id = internal
             bootstrap_yapps = yapp
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