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Documentation changes

Remove obsolete note about future work in yapp intro. Update minimum
Erlang/OTP release from R8 to R14B02 and do some minor rewording of a
warning in yaws.tex.
latest commit 0834b57c4d
@vinoski vinoski authored
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cgi-bin Added CGI documentation including a new page…
code Massive autotools refactoring & cleanup
icons whitespace cleanup
jsolait JSON ajax code from Gaspar Chilingarov, I added docs describing an ex…
shoppingcart Fixed broken junk image
ssi whitespace cleanup
testdir Remove x bit from non-executable files
END ""
END2 ""
HEAD "" UTF-8 fix for www/yman.yaws and served man pages
appmods.yaws Fix typos in www/appmod.yaws
arg.yaws Keep the original request in #arg{} and check it against auth rules
arg2.yaws whitespace cleanup
articles.yaws add Resources section to Yaws web pages
bindings.yaws whitespace cleanup
cgi.yaws spelling err
code.yaws whitespace cleanup
compile_layout.dia ""
compile_layout.png ""
configuration.yaws Require Erlang/OTP R14B02 or higher to compile Yaws
contact.yaws whitespace cleanup
contributors.txt Add Andrei Neculau in the contributors (and sort them by name)
cookies.yaws update cookie documentation
doc.yaws whitespace cleanup
dynamic.yaws whitespace cleanup
embed.yaws add some embedded config details to embed.yaws
examples.yaws whitespace cleanup
favicon.ico ""
form.yaws whitespace cleanup
haxe_intro.yaws whitespace cleanup
haxe_sample.html Add example for haXe returning an error object
haxe_sample.yaws whitespace cleanup
index.yaws point to github on main page
internals.yaws Add access functions for #gconf{} and #sconf{} records
json_intro.yaws JSON-RPC 2.0 support
json_sample.html whitespace cleanup
json_sample.yaws wrap SSL sockets in tuple
logger_mod.yaws fix a typo: "can be override" => "can be overridden"
man.yaws whitespace cleanup
motivation.yaws whitespace cleanup
news Fix typos
pcookie.yaws whitespace cleanup
post.yaws whitespace cleanup
privbind.yaws Updated authbind/privbind docs
process_tree.dia ""
process_tree.png ""
query.yaws whitespace cleanup
readcookie.yaws whitespace cleanup
readpcookie.yaws whitespace cleanup
rebar_release.yaws Add documentation and templates for rebar releases
redirect.yaws add virtual server redirect conf example to redirect.yaws
redirect2.yaws added log_wrap_size, configurable wrap size for all logs, fixed a bug…
redirect3.yaws added log_wrap_size, configurable wrap size for all logs, fixed a bug…
redirect4.yaws ""
server_sent_events.html minor changes to server-sent events
server_sent_events.yaws add note about the sse appmod to the Server-Sent Events yaws page
session.yaws whitespace cleanup
session1.yaws update cookie documentation
setcookie.yaws update cookie documentation
setpcookie.yaws update cookie documentation
simple.yaws whitespace cleanup
simple_ex1.yaws Initial revision
simple_ex2.yaws new ret vals from out/1
simple_ex3.yaws added log_wrap_size, configurable wrap size for all logs, fixed a bug…
simple_ex4.yaws untabified all of yaws
small.yaws untabified all of yaws
soap_intro.yaws whitespace cleanup
spacer.gif Initial revision
ssi.yaws whitespace cleanup
stats_ex.yaws whitespace cleanup
stil.css Refactor WebSockets and add support of optional callback functions
stream.yaws add support for W3C Server-Sent Events
todo.yaws whitespace cleanup
upload.yaws Fix bugs in yaws_api:parse_multipart_post/1,2 for chunked requests
upload0.yaws moved yaws_multipart.erl to src, so remove from examples
urandom.yaws whitespace cleanup
urandom_from_pid.yaws add streamcontent_from_pid capability to allow direct streaming to so…
websockets.yaws Fix typo in documentation
websockets_autobahn_endpoint.yaws update WebSockets implementation to support RFC 6455
websockets_example.yaws Add yaws_api:websocket_close/1,2
websockets_example_endpoint.yaws Refactor WebSockets and add support of optional callback functions
yapp_intro.yaws Documentation changes
yaws-1.55_to_1.56.patch whitespace cleanup
yaws.eps added yaws.eps high resolution logo , created by Tomas Selander
ybed.erl improved embedded support
ybed_sup.erl improved embedded support
yman.yaws UTF-8 fix for www/yman.yaws and served man pages
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