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How to run toDo List

Download the addon from the official repo link or download the source code and ...

1. Go to the rout folder of the project

$ cd toDo-List-master

2. Run a new instance of Firefox with the add-on

$ jpm  -b /bin/firefox run   

3. Package the add-on into an XPI file for distribution

$ jpm xpi

How to use toDo List

1. Add new task


Press the Add button or the enter/return key.

2. Remove taks

remove task

Remove task from list.

3. Opps undo!


Put the task back to the list.

4. Copy to clipboard


The task has been saved to clipboard, press ctr + v to paste it!

5. Checkbox


When you finish with a task just check the box

6. Modify the task


Double click on the task to modify it. Press the green button to save the new text or the red button to cansel all the changes.

7. Change the order

change the order

Drag and drop the task.

For more visit: ShowMeYourCode