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A Symphony extension enabling the creation of pages from predefined prototypes.
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Page Prototypes extension

Enables the creation/management of page prototypes from which Symphony Pages can be spawned.

This extension is heavily inspired by czheng's Page Templates extension and it is meant to be its successor.


  1. Upload the 'page_prototypes' folder in this archive to your Symphony 'extensions' folder.
  2. Go to System > Extensions, select "Page Prototypes", choose "Enable" from the with-selected menu, then click Apply.


Pages with the type prototype can act as prototypes for other pages. The extension adds a select box on top of the pages editor where the prototype of a page can be selected. In the frontend pages automatically inherit all the properties and the template of the referenced prototype.

Prototypes can't have the special page types index, 404, 403 or maintenance, because there can only exist one aof those pages in the system. Logged in developers can visit prototype pages in the front end, but normal visitors can't.

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