A C++ implementation of correlation filter based trackers using OpenTLD's detection cascade
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This is a fork of the C++ implementation of OpenTLD called CFtld. OpenTLD was originally proposed in [1] and implemented by Georg Nebehay in C++.

This fork uses C++ implementations of correlation filter based trackers as short-term trackers. Both short-term trackers are modified variants of the visual trackers proposed in [2,3]. The short-term trackers are extended with target loss detection capabilities as in [4] and use the C++ implementation [5] of the FHOG features proposed in [6]. More implementation details of the short-term trackers can be found here. The detection cascade is only used to suggest possible target locations to the short-term trackers for redetection purposes. It cannot reinitialize the short-term trackers. The short-term trackers decide whether a suggested patch actually contains the target.

The system starts with the KCFcpp as default short-term tracker.


If you have a webcam attached to your PC, you can simply execute cftld (on Linux) or cftld.exe (on Windows) in order to try it out.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • r select a target
  • q quit
  • l toggle learning
  • a toggle alternating mode (if true, detector is switched off when tracker is available)

Command line options


cftld [option arguments] [arguments]

option arguments

  • -x Use DSSTcpp instead of KCFcpp as short-term tracker. KCFcpp is the default short-term tracker.
  • [-a <startFrameNumber>] video starts at the frameNumber startFrameNumber
  • [-b <x,y,w,h>] Initial bounding box
  • [-d <device>] select input device: device=(IMGS|CAM|VID|STREAM)
    IMGS: capture from images
    CAM: capture from connected camera
    VID: capture from a video
    STREAM: capture from RTSP stream
  • [-f] shows foreground
  • [-i <path>] path to the images or to the video.
  • [-j <number>] show trajectory for the last number frames
  • [-h] shows help
  • [-n <number>] Specifies the video device to use (defaults to 0). Useful to select a different camera when multiple cameras are connected.
  • [-p path] prints results into the file path
  • [-s] if set, user can select initial bounding box
  • [-t <theta>] threshold for determining positive results
  • [-z <lastFrameNumber>] video ends at the frameNumber lastFrameNumber. If lastFrameNumber is 0 or the option argument isn't specified means all frames are taken.


[CONFIG_FILE] path to config file

Config files

Refer to the sample folder to see usage and config file examples.



  • C++11
  • OpenCV 3.0
  • CMake
  • libconfig++ (provided)
  • SSE2-capable CPU

Windows 7

Ubuntu 14.04

  • Install OpenCV 3.0 and CMake.
  • Configure and compile:
mkdir <src-dir>/build
cd <src-dir>/build
cmake ../
make -j 8

Commercial Use (US)

The code using linear correlation filters may be affected by a US patent. If you want to use this code commercially in the US please refer to http://www.cs.colostate.edu/~vision/ocof_toolset_2012/index.php for possible patent claims.


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