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various hacks
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This is a collection of various hacks

Well, not a very large right now, since there's only one hack here, but still... :-)


The idea behind beam_renamer is to be able to load an erlang module (which is already compiled) under a different name. Normally, there's an error message if one does that:

1> {x, Bin, _} = code:get_object_code(x).
2> code:load_binary(y, "y.beam", Bin).

=ERROR REPORT==== 8-Nov-2009::22:01:24 ===
Loading of y.beam failed: badfile

=ERROR REPORT==== 8-Nov-2009::22:01:24 ===
beam/beam_load.c(1022): Error loading module y:
  module name in object code is x

This is where beam_renamer comes in handy. It'll rename the module by replacing the module name within the beam file.

1> {x, Bin0, _} = code:get_object_code(x).
2> Bin = beam_renamer:rename(Bin0, y).
2> code:load_binary(y, "y.beam", Bin).

See the comments in the source code for more details.

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