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PHPwnage News, Forum, and Calendar
by Kevin Lange <>
(Released under the GNU General Public License, version 3)

Version 1.8

Welcome to PHPwnage, a light, powerful, customizable, and open source 
forum, blog, and calendar for PHP! Please take the time to read INSTALL 
for instructions on installing PHPwnage. PHPwnage started out as a 
personal project for my own website ( and was later 
expanded to add more features common in other forums. It is easy to 
install and use (as well as customize!), and you are free to make any 
modifications you wish under the GPL.

This is release version 1.8 (September, 2008). It is the first 
official GPL release and contains tons of new improvements over 1.7 
and other previous versions.

ReCAPTCHA notice:
PHPwnage comes packaged with the ReCAPTCHA PHP library. The license for the
ReCaptcha license can be found in the file 'recaptchalib.php'.

Tango notice:
PHPwnage uses icons from the Tango Desktop Project. These icons are
currently distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike
license. There are plans in place for these icons to be released under
the LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License), but until that happens,
attribution must be made to the Tango Desktop Project for the included icons.
(For more information on the Tango Desktop Project, visit ). If you do not agree
with these terms, remove the directory "tango/" and the file
"icons_themes/tango.php" from your installation.

Kevin Lange - Pretty much everything
Daniel Sorichetti - Installer improvements
TJ Fadness - The original logo design
Joe Averett - Incomplete work on a new admin panel you'll see in 1.9

1.8 - September 2008
 + Moved all static text to a single file (lang/enUS.php)
 + Moved all redirects and "Go Back" messages to a separate method, now with theming
 + Made polls systematic, they can now have as many options as you want (separated,with,commas)
 + Fixed some bugs left over from 1.7.1
 + Made some improvements to the installer
 + New Crystal theme
 + Fixed RSS feeds with Firefox
 + Integrated ReCAPTCHA (optional)
 + Moved everything to XHTML
 + So many things that they just don't all fit here in the changelog, please take a look at the
   commit history on Launchpad for a complete listing of changes.
 + Added moderator tools: Split and merge topics
 + Moved HTML segments for blocks, panels and buttons to includes.php
 + New Image Gallery allows users to upload images to your MySQL server
 + New paging system provides improved navigation between forums and threads
 + Icon themes allow further customization of your PHPwnage installation
 + User-selectable languages allow easy translation and accessibility
 + A lot more - I seriously forgot some things.

1.7.1 - Mar 25 2008
 + Replaced old icons for IM protocols, emoticons, and other interface elements with Tango icons for a much improved look.
 + Added page support to board view. Default is 10 threads per page. This is experimental and will be expanded in 1.8.
 + Removed set width and height from admin icon table to support Tango icons at 48x48.
 + Limited number of IPs shown in IP ban list to 20 with a link to show all ( has thousands of banned IPs)
 + Post count for each board has been added to the main forum page
 + Installer has been greatly improved.

1.7 - Dec 5 2007
 + Custom ranks
 + Post count displayed under name and in profile
 + News posts are no longer at a fixed height
 + Comments on news posts can be viewed and added from within the article itself
 + New quick reply bar contains formatting buttons
 + PwnBuddy is complete
 + Calendar has been reintegrated properly (still need to delete a few things and change links, though)
 + New Calendar block - it's dynamic!
 + Tons of administrative udpates
 + Security fixes
 + Custom smilies
 + Sidebar is no longer displayed at all when disabled (doesn't use javascript to hide) 
 + Added support for Pandemic (the OG IM client)

1.6b - June 6 2007
 + Add a forum post for each news article
 + New Calendar module
 + Moderation tools have been improved
 + Various other additions

1.6 - May 6 2007
 + Censor added
 + New bbCode
 + Categories
 + Stickies
 + User levels (admin, moderator)
 + Completely reworked Admin CP

(Updates prior to 1.6 were not tracked)


Mirror from Launchpad (bzr) of my old PHP forum software from high school.







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