@klange klange released this Jun 13, 2018 · 4 commits to master since this release

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Backported fixes from ToaruOS-NIH, including a VirtualBox Guest Extensions driver bugfix for newer versions of VitualBox.

@klange klange released this Oct 12, 2017 · 17 commits to master since this release

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Minor bug fix update.

Adds support for https links in Help Browser (a TLS-enabled version of fetch must be installed to use this functionality).

@klange klange released this Aug 2, 2017 · 23 commits to master since this release

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This build was produced by a Travis CI worker using a new automated release build process.

Changes from 1.2.0:

  • Mesa has been removed from the base build. It is now available as a package.
  • Some UI theming has been moved to a theme description module for more modularity.
  • When the new libwebp package is installed, WebP wallpapers are supported.
  • chown is now available, fixing issues with home directory ownership on live CDs.
Jul 18, 2017

@klange klange released this Jul 10, 2017 · 40 commits to master since this release

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This release brings a brand new package format, msk, alongside a major change to how live CDs work.

Live CDs: Live CDs now mount a tmpfs as their root filesystem and copy the contents of their ext2 ramdisk into this filesystem. This allows for a speedy, simple read-write root filesystem on a live CD while using potentially less RAM in the normal case. More importantly, it allows for package installation to work by installing files into the actual filesystem.

Packages: The package management system has been completely rewritten. It now uses specially-crafted compressed tarballs to store package contents, similar to how formats on other operating systems work.

Weather: The icons for the weather panel widget have been redesigned to better suit the visual appearance of the panel.

Terminal: A bug has been fixed in the graphical terminal wherein it preferred TTY output over events from the windowing system, causing hangs when printing large amounts of text.

libc: Fixes have been implemented for a few standard C functions.

Desktop: This release features a new wallpaper depicting Tokyo Skytree at night. All ToaruOS wallpapers are available under both the NCSA license as well as CC BY-SA 4.0 and were taken by me. If you like my wallpapers, you can find more photos on my flickr.

@klange klange released this Mar 28, 2017 · 61 commits to master since this release

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Panel: This release is focused on panel updates. There are quite a few, so they're broken out below.

Network Status: The network status widget's information popup has been partially redesigned.

Weather: A new weather widget has been added with weather data from OpenWeatherMap.org.

Log Out: The log out button now shows a menu, similar to the way the button works on the log in screen.

Absolute Mouse Toggle: The absolute/relative mouse toggle widget now supports VirtualBox, for uniformity.

Menus: An issue in the menu library wherein menu entry widths were not properly calculated for rich-text menu entries has been corrected.

Text Input: A cancel callback has been added to the text input dialog.

Icons: New icons have been added for "config" and "refresh".

HTML/Web Browser: Improvements have been made to handling of web pages in the Help Browser, bringing it closer to being a functioning web browser.

Bug Fixes: Some bug fixes have been implemented in various places.

@klange klange released this Mar 22, 2017 · 77 commits to master since this release

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Network: Basic CNAME support has been added to the DNS client. This is still experimental.

VirtualBox: The workaround for large display sizes in VirtualBox has been adjusted.

HTML: The Help Browser now has minimal support for HTML and can act as a very rudimentary web browser (HTTPS is not supported, nor are many critical web technologies).

@klange klange released this Feb 25, 2017 · 84 commits to master since this release

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Login: The login screen has been rewritten, fixing some bugs and adding new features.

VMware: Bugs in the VMware mouse drivers and display drivers have been fixed.

Kernel: Some kernel bug fixes and improvements have been implemented.

Help Browser: The help browser's renderer has been adjusted to fully render pages, resulting in faster scrolling but potentially slower page loads. We are working to improve the parser and renderer to reduce load times.

Input Boxes: A new input box widget has been added based on the one originally built for the input dialog.

Yutani: The RAISE event has been changed so that the old_ coordinates are the coordinates of the original DOWN. Several apps have been adjusted to accept slight mouse movements as clicks, improving support for pen tablets. A bug in the decorations library causing a crash when WM_THEME is unset has been fixed.

@klange klange released this Feb 18, 2017 · 99 commits to master since this release

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This release has been superseded by a point release, v1.1.0.

With apologies for putting out such a big update only a few days after the last one, this update is focused on providing better support for VMware. See here for instructions on using ToaruOS in VMware. There are also many general improvements and bug fixes in this release.

VMware: Fixes for several device drivers have been implemented to support VMware, including the VMware display driver, the ATA/ATAPI driver, network drivers, network subsystem, PCI subsystem, and more.

VMware Mouse: Support for the VMware backdoor absolute mouse has been added. This is supported in both VMware and QEMU and is enabled by default. In these environments, a panel widget will be displayed to toggle between absolute and relative modes as neither VM seems to provide an interface option for this (perhaps Workstation does, but I only have access to Player).

ISO9660: A very important bugfix, as well as major performance improvement have both been implemented in the ISO9660 filesystem driver.

ToaruPaint: The painting app now uses a damage region system for more efficient drawing.

Network: The network subsystem now has better support for gateways, ARP, and DHCP. It is still not recommended that ToaruOS be run on a live network, mostly due to an insufficient TCP stack. We are working to improve the real-world usability of ToaruOS's network stack.

pcnet: This driver now gracefully handles failures to initialize. Unfortunately, it does not yet work in VMware, but it will at least no longer lock up there...

e1000: Support for other PCI IDs has been added. This enables the remaining Intel PRO/1000 options in VirtualBox and allows the driver to work in VMware (when it is set to use the e1000 device).

ATAPI: A bug in ATAPI polling which caused VMware to lock up has been fixed.

PCI: A bug in recursive PCI bus scanning which caused issues in VMware has been fixed.

Video: An ioctl has been added to the framebuffer to support setting the display mode. A bug in the vmware driver that used the framebuffer size instead of the vram size to calculate how much RAM to map has been fixed, allowing VMware guests to set larger modes.

Panel: The panel should no longer crash when /dev/mixer is not available, so you can disable the audio subsystem and still have a working desktop.

QEMU: An experimental system for notifying the guest of the QEMU window size has been added when using the SDL display backend under Linux. See util/qemu-harness.py for more details. A harness monitors the size of the SDL window and informs the guest over the serial port. The guest runs a script which monitors the serial port for these updates and performs mode setting. The harness then sends a signal to QEMU to have it disable scaling. This provides a very similar, if not better, experience to VirtualBox's display size guest addition.

Known Issues

The VMware mouse driver may report incorrect positioning in VMware if the host window is moved. Resizing the window, and various other WM actions, should resolve the issue. QEMU does not exhibit this bug. It is believed this is an issue with VMware expecting additional signaling mechanisms from guests that enable the absolute mouse cursor, and this issue may not be resolvable on our end without significant effort.

@klange klange released this Feb 15, 2017 · 118 commits to master since this release

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This release has been superseded by a general improvement update, v1.0.4.

This is a minor improvement over 1.0.2 with some usability and bug fixes.

Kernel: The PIT mode has been switched to 2 to workaround an issue in VirtualBox. It is believed that this should not affect anything else.

Painting: A performance improvement has been implemented wherein the checkerboard pattern is no longer regenerated on every draw. An option to create a custom-sized image has been added (this does not perform any checks, so enter large values at your own risk).

GRUB: The boot menu has had new options added for enabling the legacy ATA driver, which may allow limited hard disk access in environments where the default ATA DMA driver does not function (such as VMWare). Disable the ATA DMA driver if you are enabling the legacy ATA driver.

Help Browser: The help browser now uses a stack-based history, so you can move forward and backward multiple steps. A history menu has been added. The help browser also now supports files from arbitrary paths using the format file:/path/to/document.trt.

Build Tools: The .gitignore has been updated. The Makefile can now produce kernel header packages, for convenience.

Menus: The mouse can now be moved between menus in the menu bar when a menu is open. Formatted menu entries are now supported with the rich= option to MenuEntryAction.