0.11.1 Live CD

@klange klange released this Jul 12, 2015 · 95 commits to strawberry-dev since this release

This is the first official Live CD release of とあるOS.

This is a pre-release demo: there are still many unimplemented features in とあるOS. We appreciate well-researched bug reports, but be mindful of the myriad known issues and limitations with this release. The Live CD requires at least 256MB of RAM and a display setup that supports a 1024x768x32bpp mode through VBE (if you're using QEMU, that means you'll need "-vga std"). No permanent installation methods are offered at this time. The Live CD has been tested under QEMU and VirtualBox, but other emulators should work. If you wish to use the live CD on real hardware, you will need a PS/2 keyboard and mouse (or compatible configuration) - be aware that we have not had the opportunity to test とあるOS on a wide variety of hardware.

とあるOS contains some third-party software. For license information on とあるOS itself as well as software included in the source release, please see here. For license information on other included software, see here. Please note that documentation is not included on this release of the CD, but rather is distributed online at the links previously noted.

Random technical details:

  • Kernel: toaru 0.11.1-d0518b1
  • CD bootloader: GRUB 2.02~beta2-15
  • ISO file size: 70.7MB
  • Ramdisk size: 64MB (33MB binaries, 14MB fonts, 12MB wallpapers)
  • Default user: local (password 'local')
  • Included fonts: Deja Vu (family), VL Gothic, Symbola
  • C library: Newlib (heavily patched)
  • Bitcoin address for donations: 1BYbZvabmFZBzNVVb4AJfuGLeWRYywxAbk