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@klange klange released this Feb 3, 2017 · 1789 commits to master since this release

This release has been superseded by a bugfix, v1.0.2.

Thanks to feedback from 1.0, this is the first post-release bugfix update for ToaruOS.

Keyboard/Mouse: An issue with the PS/2 mouse driver interfering with the keyboard driver has been corrected. This bug had some pretty severe and visible side-effects including apparent loss of mouse input, jittery movement in Quake while walking, and many other more interesting things. Bug information submitted by @SirCmpwn

Toast Daemon: An issue wherein the toast daemon was always using a high-precision timeout intended only for its animations has been corrected.

fswait2: A debug message in the fswait2 system call was erroneously set to the NOTICE level and causing unnecessary log spam. It has been reduced to INFO.

Tutorial: A typographical error in the tutorial wizard has been corrected. Patch submitted by @adamdicarlo

Terminal: A bug wherein the terminal's image support was not sending correct damage rects to the compositor has been corrected.

TTY: The TTY buffer size has been increased and some potential deadlocks when using a single thread to manage a PTY master have been addressed.

README: The screenshots in the readme have been updated to a set used in the 1.0 release notes.

Some issue reports submitted for 1.0 are still in progress.

For further information, please see the release notes for ToaruOS 1.0.

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