@klange klange released this Feb 15, 2017 · 118 commits to master since this release

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This release has been superseded by a general improvement update, v1.0.4.

This is a minor improvement over 1.0.2 with some usability and bug fixes.

Kernel: The PIT mode has been switched to 2 to workaround an issue in VirtualBox. It is believed that this should not affect anything else.

Painting: A performance improvement has been implemented wherein the checkerboard pattern is no longer regenerated on every draw. An option to create a custom-sized image has been added (this does not perform any checks, so enter large values at your own risk).

GRUB: The boot menu has had new options added for enabling the legacy ATA driver, which may allow limited hard disk access in environments where the default ATA DMA driver does not function (such as VMWare). Disable the ATA DMA driver if you are enabling the legacy ATA driver.

Help Browser: The help browser now uses a stack-based history, so you can move forward and backward multiple steps. A history menu has been added. The help browser also now supports files from arbitrary paths using the format file:/path/to/document.trt.

Build Tools: The .gitignore has been updated. The Makefile can now produce kernel header packages, for convenience.

Menus: The mouse can now be moved between menus in the menu bar when a menu is open. Formatted menu entries are now supported with the rich= option to MenuEntryAction.