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klardotsh's dotfiles

In here you'll find my configs for just about everything I use on a daily basis that has an exportable text-based config (that I've bothered to actually configure). I'm planning to restructure the repo a bit to handle device-specific configs in a more sane manner, but for now, here ya go.


While almost all of my dotfiles are universal across my devices, there's a few references to specific hostnames. Here's the magical decoding ring:


This is my by far most heavily-used machine. It's my daily driver at work, and sees a fair bit of use at home as well. Hardware-wise, it's a Dell XPS 13 (9370) with an i5-8250U, 16GB RAM, and an internal panel resolution of 1920x1080. At work, it's plugged into a Pluggable USB-C dock, various peripherals, and a curved Dell 3440x1440 monitor. Software-wise, it runs AwesomeWM (Xorg) on Arch Linux.


This is my gaming desktop (i5-6600K, 32GB RAM, GTX 1070, 3440x1440), running AwesomeWM (Xorg) on Arch Linux. It was named after the fantastic Bullet For My Valentine album I had playing when I realized this machine, at the time, had no hostname, several months after being installed. Oops.

Other interesting software on this rig are mostly related to gaming and/or streaming: Lutris, DXVK, OBS, etc. Yes, I can run just about any Windows game on here, and I play Overwatch "competitively" on it.


This is by far my least-used but arguably most interesting device, and as such it serves as my testbed for new configs pretty often. This is a Samsung Chromebook Pro from 2017 (m3-6Y30, 4GB RAM) dual-booted with ChromeOS (running the wonderful MrChromebox firmware - albeit a wildly out-of-date version from 2017). More interestingly than those lackluster specs, it has a 2400x1600 (3:2 aspect!) display (in a 12" machine), a touchscreen, and a Wacom-compatible pen layer. If something works on this machine, it will work wonderfully on the others (and about 5x faster...)

Software-wise, this machine currently runs Sway (Wayland) on Arch Linux (GalliumOS kernel 4.16), Waybar, Mako, and is definitely a work in progress.