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C++ tools to assist with "programming by contract"
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Tools to assist with "programming by contract"


This library has no prerequisites other than the standard C++ library.


This library contains items useful in coding based on Design by Contract. Specifically it provides the ability to add checks on parameters, preconditions, postconditions, and middle conditions in an expressive manner.

API Documentation

To terminate or not to terminate?

A common debate in programming by contract is what action should be taken when a contract condition fails. We have taken the opinion that the parameters failures will throw a std::invalid_argument exception and all other condition failures will write an error message to the standard error device, and then call std::terminate() to halt the program. (This is largely following the advice of Ferguson, Schneier, and Kohno in their book Cryptography Engineering. It was that book as well as Schneier's book Click Here to Kill Everybody that were the primary influencers in our decision to create this library.)

In addition we chose that the condition checks would always take place regardless of whether your code is compiled in debug mode or production mode.

Customizing the actions

The above decisions can be changed in two ways.

First of all, if you would like to only perform the checks in debug mode, you can bracket the calls with #if !defined(NDEBUG) which will make them follow the same rules as the assert macro. (In fact we do this for a few of our checks when we know they would adversely affect the performance of the system, either because the particular condition is an expensive one to check, or because it occurs in a portion of the code that is particulary time sensitive. But we try to avoid this as the production code is the code that is most likely to be attacked, hence is where the correctness checks are most important.)

However, if you want to change the action on when a condition fails, you will need to modify the code in this library. In that case we recommend that you copy the files contract.hpp and contract.cpp into your own library, change the namespace if you so desire, and then modify the performThrowingCheck and the performTerminatingCheck to act as you desire.

Using this library

TODO: give some basic examples


If you wish to make changes to this library that you believe will be useful to others, you can contribute to the project. If you do, there are a number of policies you should follow:

  • Check the issues to see if there are already similar bug reports or enhancements.
  • Feel free to add bug reports and enhancements at any time.
  • Don't work on things that are not part of an approved project.
  • Don't create projects - they are only created the by owner.
  • Projects are created based on conversations on the wiki.
  • Feel free to initiate or join conversations on the wiki.
  • Follow our C++ Coding Standards.
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