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C++ General Utility Library
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C++ General Utility Library


This library provides general C++ utilities that are either unrelated or loosely related to each other. It includes code for dealing with containers, for creating custom iterators, for creating and parsing program options (command lines), for obtaining run time type information, handling strings, dealing with time, and many other things.

You should note that these utilities do not compete with or replace the standard C++ library. Rather they built on it, adding things that seemed to be missing, or making things easier to work with.

API Documentation

What has changed in V14?

Version 14 is a complete, non-back-compatible rewrite of the library. It drops all the older "C" code, as well as many of the things that are now covered by the standard C++ libraries. It has also moved out things related to io and threading into their own, separate, libraries, and it has been rewritten to follow a consistent coding standard across the entire library.


This library has one prerequisite - libuuid. On macOS it should already exists, on others you will need to install it before this library will build. On Ubuntu Linux the command sudo apt install uuid-dev should be sufficient.

Installing the Library

To build and install this library, run the following commands

make check
sudo make install


If you wish to make changes to this library that you believe will be useful to others, you can contribute to the project. If you do, there are a number of policies you should follow:

  • Check the issues to see if there are already similar bug reports or enhancements.
  • Feel free to add bug reports and enhancements at any time.
  • Don't work on things that are not part of an approved project.
  • Don't create projects - they are only created the by owner.
  • Projects are created based on conversations on the wiki.
  • Feel free to initiate or join conversations on the wiki.
  • Follow our C++ Coding Standards.
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