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Contributions are very welcome. The following will provide some helpful guidelines.

Follow the Code of Conduct

Contributors must follow the Code of Conduct.

How to contribute

Feature Requests & Ideas

Feel free to open an issue within the issue tracker or send me an email. However, please do not expect the new features to be implemented immediately, as my available time is also quite limited.

Pull Requests

We love pull requests. Here is a quick guide:

  1. Fork the repo (see
  2. Create a new branch from master.
  3. Add your change, verify it by testing on an emulated devices or your local Android device.
  4. Run ./gradlew build
  5. Add your change together with a test (tests are not needed for refactorings and documentation changes).
  6. Create a Pull Request


Commit messages should be clear and fully elaborate the context and the reason of a change. If your commit refers to an issue, please post-fix it with the issue number, e.g.

Issue: #123

Furthermore, commits should be signed off according to the DCO.

Pull Requests

If your Pull Request resolves an issue, please add a respective line to the end, like

Resolves #123