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pubsub-push is a small utility for Pulling messages from a subscription in Google PubSub and redirect them as an HTTP POST to a local endpoint.

It is necessary because using the normal PubSub HTTP Push you need a public and a domain verified endpoint. Using this tool for development purposes you will be able to receive HTTP Push locally.


You can just download the latest binary from Releases tab and put it inside your PATH.

If you have a recent go installation, you can use:

$ go get
$ go install


Before running, you have to set GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variable with the path of your service account key created with the correct Roles for getting messages from the desired subscription. See more here and here.

Example in Linux/Mac:


After that you should run the following command with your configurations. These arguments are required:

$ pubsub-push -project gcloud-project -sub subscription_name -endpoint http://localhost

If you want to add some headers to request, you can use the -header option.

Note that -header can be used multiple times and you must use the format "key=value".

Adding headers:

$ pubsub-push -project proj-id -sub name -endpoint localhost -header "Content-type=application/json" -header "Auth-Key=my-secret-key"


-project        The ID of your project inside Google Cloud Platform.
                    Eg: -project my-cloud-project

-sub            The subscription name, not including namespace, only the name.
                    Eg: -sub topic_sub

-endpoint       The complete URL, including schema, domain, port and the path.
                    Eg: -endpoint http://localhost:5000/services/sync

-header         A string like "key=value" for request headers. It can be used
                multiplem times.
                    Eg: -header "Content-type=application/json"

Requirements and Go version

It was built with go1.12.5 linux/amd64 and you can see dependencies inside go.mod.


Apache 2.0