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Refined Evernote desktop app

Build Status


Tusk is an unofficial, featureful, open source, community-driven, free Evernote app used by people in more than 140 countries.

Tusk is indicated by Evernote as an alternative client for Linux environments trusted by the open source community.

You can now support the development process through GitHub Sponsors.

Come over to Gitter or Twitter to share your thoughts on the project.

Visit the contributing guidelines to learn more on how to translate this document into more languages.

You can find more apps here.


  • Black, Dark & Sepia Themes
  • Focus, Compact & Auto-Night Modes
  • Local & Global Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Export Notes as PDF, HTML & Markdown Files
  • Note Navigation
  • Yinxiang Support
  • Cross Platform
  • Scalable Interface
  • Update Notifications
  • Drag and Drop Files



Github Releases

Head to the releases page and download the appropriate installer for your system.


Ubuntu Linux users can directly install through Snapcraft snap install tusk


Macos users can directly install through Homebrew Cask brew cask install tusk


The version available on Homebrew Cask may not be the latest, since unlike Snapcraft, it is not offically maintained. If that is the case, please consider downloading directly from the Github releases page.


Visit the project homepage to view all features in detail.

  • Auto Night Mode - Press Cmd/Ctrl Alt N to allow Tusk to adjust to your environment.
  • Black Theme - Activate it by pressing Cmd/Ctrl Alt E.
  • Compact Mode - Downsize the window to enter the mode.
  • Custom Shortcut Keys - Navigate to ~/.tusk.json or press Cmd/Ctrl . to modify any shortcut key. To reset delete ~/.tusk.json & restart the app.
  • Dark Theme - Activate it by pressing Cmd/Ctrl D.
  • Drag & Drop Files - Attach files by dragging them to the app window.
  • Export Notes as Markdown - Press Cmd/Ctrl O to save your notes as Markdown files.
  • Export Notes as HTML - Press Cmd/Ctrl Shift H to save your notes as HTML files.
  • Export Notes as PDF - Press Cmd/Ctrl Shift E to save your notes as PDF files.
  • Focus Mode - Activate it by pressing Cmd/Ctrl K.
  • Global Shortcut Keys - Enable them by using the File > Enable Global Shortcut Keys option.
  • Note Navigation - Navigate your notes by pressing Cmd/Ctrl Tab / Cmd/Ctrl Shift Tab or jump directly to one by using Cmd/Ctrl 1 - 9.
  • Note Printing - Press Cmd/Ctrl Alt P to print your notes.
  • Scalable Interface - Adjust the zooming factor by pressing Cmd/Ctrl Shift = or Cmd/Ctrl -.
  • Sepia Theme - Activate it by pressing Cmd/Ctrl G.
  • Update Notifications - Customize the apps update checking frequency.
  • Yinxiang Support - Login to Yinxiang by using the File > Switch to Yinxiang option.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Local Shortcut Keys

70+ local keyboard shortcuts. Toggle anything in a flash.

View all the available local keyboard shortcuts.
Description Keys
Activate Auto Night Mode Cmd/Ctrl Alt N
Add Link Cmd/Ctrl Shift K
Add Shortcut Cmd/Ctrl Alt S
Align Center Cmd/Ctrl Alt M
Align Left Cmd/Ctrl Alt L
Align Right Cmd/Ctrl Alt R
Attach File Cmd/Ctrl Shift F
Bold Text Cmd/Ctrl B
Bulleted List Cmd/Ctrl Shift .
Change Font Size Cmd/Ctrl Alt 1 - 6
Code Block Cmd/Ctrl Shift L
Decrease Indentation Cmd/Ctrl Shift M
Delete Note Delete
Edit Shortcut Keys Cmd/Ctrl .
Export Note as HTML Cmd/Ctrl Shift H
Export Note as Markdown Cmd/Ctrl O
Export Note as PDF Cmd/Ctrl Shift E
Increase Indentation Cmd/Ctrl Alt K
Insert Date Stamp Cmd/Ctrl Shift ;
Insert Date-Time Stamp Cmd/Ctrl ;
Insert from Drive Cmd/Ctrl Shift D
Insert Horizontal Rule Cmd/Ctrl Shift -
Italic Text Cmd/Ctrl I
Jump to Note Cmd/Ctrl 1 - 9
Make Text Larger Cmd/Ctrl Shift =
Make Text Smaller Cmd/Ctrl -
Navigate to Next Note Cmd/Ctrl Tab
Navigate to Previews Note Cmd/Ctrl Shift Tab
New Note Cmd/Ctrl N
New Notebook Cmd/Ctrl Shift N
New Tag Cmd/Ctrl Shift T
Numbered List Cmd/Ctrl Shift O
Print Note Cmd/Ctrl Alt P
Remove Formatting Cmd/Ctrl Shift Space
Reset Zoom Level Cmd/Ctrl 0
Return to Notes Esc
Save Note Cmd/Ctrl S
Search Notes Cmd/Ctrl F
Set Always on Top Cmd/Ctrl Shift P
Set Reminder Cmd/Ctrl E
Strikethrough Text Cmd/Ctrl T
Subscript Text Cmd/Ctrl Shift ]
Superscript Text Cmd/Ctrl Shift [
Toggle Black Theme Cmd/Ctrl Alt E
Toggle Checkbox Cmd/Ctrl Shift B
Toggle Dark Theme Cmd/Ctrl D
Toggle Focus Mode Cmd/Ctrl K
Toggle Notebooks Alt Shift N
Toggle Sepia Theme Cmd/Ctrl G
Toggle Settings Cmd/Ctrl ,
Toggle Shortcuts Cmd/Ctrl Shift S
Toggle Sidebar Cmd/Ctrl \
Toggle Tags Alt Shift T
Toggle Window Menu Alt
Underline Text Cmd/Ctrl U

Global Shortcut Keys

Access Tusk at any moment from anywhere within your operating system. All global shortcuts can be customized to match your own preference through the configuration file ~/.tusk.json.

View all the available global keyboard shortcuts.
Description Global Shortcut
Toggle Tusk Window Cmd/Ctrl Alt A
Create New Note Cmd/Ctrl Alt C
Search Notes Cmd/Ctrl Alt F


For more info on how to contribute to the project, please read the contributing guidelines.

  • Fork the repository and clone it to your machine
  • Navigate to your local fork: cd tusk
  • Install the project dependencies: npm install or yarn install
  • Run Tusk on dev mode: npm start or yarn start
  • Lint code for errors: npm test or yarn test
  • Build binaries and installers: npm run release or yarn release

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Tusk is an unofficial, open source, third-party, community-driven, free app and is not affiliated in any way with Evernote.