An example project that attempts to get Fitnesse to work with Maven and JUnit, but I've been having some trouble with it so far.
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FitNesse Maven Examples

I am still having some difficulty finding out how to integrate FitNesse with Maven, so I created this project to document my successes. In particular, I found a few Maven plugins that would handle the integration of FitNesse, but I stumbled over older versions on newer ones, which plugin does what, etc. At the end of the day, I've found the Trinidad plugin is the best overall choice.
Having picked the /winner/, I tried to integrate it with a bare-bones FitNesse installation, but had some difficult with that as well. In this code is a very simplistic model of FitNesse integration with Maven.

Requirements: Maven and Java are all you need to run these examples.

What Examples you can use

There are a number of examples that I'm trying to get working, so my luck has been mixed. Here's some things you can do right now: mvn clean install exec:exec will run a local FitNesse installation on port 18080, which you can access at http://localhost:18080/

The tests I've written are both on wiki pages and as JUnit tests to integrate the results with. If there are results to show, you would find them under target/surefire-reports/ But this is where I'm missing something.

Some other examples to run:

> mvn test -Dtest=ThrowSomeExceptionWikiTest
> mvn test -Dtest=ExampleTestRunnerTest
> mvn test -Dtest=JUnitHelperTrinidadTest

In each of these examples, output isn't necessarily correlated to expectations.


In this test, I try two things:

  1. Run the FrontPage.ExceptionThrowingWikiTest and assert that it passed (it shouldn't.
  2. Run the FrontPage.SecondTestSuite suite and assert that it passed (it should).

What I would expect is that the JUnit result shows that the first test threw an exception, and the second one passed. However, no output in target/surefire-reports/ for the JUnitHelperTrinidadTest shows up at all. Instead, a 0 byte file is there, so it probably exited prematurely before generating test results.

Where I've been pulling these examples from:

  1. - Trinidad Plugin page