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Welcome to the callingruby wiki!

I wouldn’t say that this project is of much use to people. I had set this up initially to play around with GitHub and get my feet wet working with Git. However, I am working on making a project that at least helps me to understand JRuby and it’s interaction with Java.

This project is my attempt to find out the various ways that you can work inside Java to call Ruby. I am primarily concerned with making interactivity between the two work so that I can share information between them. I have no really big ideas for it, but if I can find out how to share objects, arrays of strings, integers, etc., between Java and JRuby, I think I could find some interesting projects.

Again, if you came here hoping for something very cool, well, take a look at the source. Nearly all of it comes from another blog entry or source that I attributed, so if anything, let this become a hub of sharable information that others have so graciously provided me.