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This is a template that I have used a couple times to make simple Java applications.

libraries used

  • Logback (successor to log4j)
  • Maven (ugh)
  • JCommander (Command-line Option parsing)
  • Google Guice (dependency injection)
  • Google Guava (all the goodies)
  • Maven AppAssembler (to generate a self-contained java app with .bat and sh scripts)

This includes a couple example classes surrounding how to use JCommander and Google Guice for dependency injection. Logback includes a default logback.xml file that's annotated with my most commonly-used defaults.


I'm sure there are a litany of testing frameworks out there (which language doesn't have at least 5 - 10 different tools for this?) but I haven't really settled on anything other than what I consider the vanilla choice: JUnit.


Since this relies on knowledge of alot of these frameworks, I would say these libraries provided me the msot documentation, which is part of the reason I picked them:


Questions, concerns, etc., can be directed to me klauer @ gmail . com